The Best Vegetable Peelers Reviews

It does not matter which level you are at when it does come to cooking meals; every kitchen does require a vegetable peeler almost on a daily basis. They are not only essential in the kitchen but also quite affordable thus removing any excuses of not having any among your kitchen ware. This article reveals some of the best peelers that there is in the market.

The OXO good grips swivel peeler

OXO, unsurprisingly, produces most of your kitchen ware. Its handle is made of soft rubber so that it softly and comfortably fits in your hand. It is effective if you have a lot of potatoes to peel. Most professional cooks prefer the Y-design as this model is made with a sharp stainless steel blade that peels carrots, fruits, potatoes among many other fruits and veggies.

Kuhn Rikon Swiss Peeler

This blade is quite popular among the food industry professionals thus many users in the industry do rave about how this is the one, and the only model that they use or will ever use again. It is made in a Y-design and has the straight blade made of carbon steel. It can quickly rust if you are not careful with them. They are very affordable as well as come in different fun colors.

Precision Kitchenware vegetable peeler

It looks snazzy when you first see it. It is made of silver and looks like it has all the whistles and bells. Also, it is a Y-design vegetable peeler. However, some of its users reported that its edge makes it a bit hard to use as well as clean but comes with a lifetime warranty.

OXO good grips Y peeler

The OXO brand also has a Y designed peeler although it is not as popular. However, the Y layout, in my opinion, is very intriguing as it helps one peel the vegetables quite effortlessly thus making a right choice for your kitchenware. It cannot disappoint when it comes to comfort with its blades being very sharp. With that said, it is easier to cut yourself if at all you are not careful while handling it.

OXO good grips pro swivel peeler

People often overlook this product as it does look much alike to the one that is discussed above but does not be fooled! They are different. This model is an improvement of the earlier presented model. It is sharper and has a blade that is replaceable. A lot of reviews from the people seemed to state that it is a lot more comfortable than the other one. This is quite good and an added advantage hence it is certainly one to buy.

With that said, it is now up to you to decide on which one you would want to have if at all you are on the market in search of a good vegetable peeler. We all do know how difficult the peeling of veggies and fruits can be if you are not adequately equipped thus it is crucial to select the best of the best.